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Sustainability Report 2013

In December 2013, Avalon published a 2013 Sustainability Report, entitled Align. Optimize. Innovate. (the "2013 Report"). The 2013 Report was prepared within the framework of the Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”), Version G3.1, Level C. Avalon has reported on 43 GRI indicators, including Mining and Metals Sector Supplement indicators, in the following categories: six Economic indicators, nineteen Environmental indicators, eight Labour indicators, seven Human Rights indicators, and three Society indicators. In February 2014, a summary of Align. Optimize. Innovate. was published.

The 2013 Report also incorporates a self-assessment of 2012-2013 performance and sets targets for 2014 against the Mining Association of Canada's 'Toward Sustainable Mining' indicators. The Company’s sustainability reporting period has now been aligned with its fiscal year ended August 31. Accordingly, the release of the 2013 Report follows the Company’s Audited Financial Statements and MDA  filings for the year ended August 31, 2013.

In releasing the 2013 Report, President and CEO, Don Bubar commented, “Producing a GRI-compliant comprehensive sustainability report is an ambitious undertaking for a small-cap resource company not yet in production. Our sustainability reporting team, led by Vice-President Sustainability, Mark Wiseman, has done a remarkable job in compiling and organizing an enormous amount of information into an attractive and very readable report. We strive for high performance with regard to community, environment, and health and safety because we believe this is inherent to our values and fundamental to our long term success as an emerging business. I believe that our 2013 Report positions Avalon as the leader in sustainability reporting amongst our industry peers.”



Summary 2012

In June 2013, Avalon published a 2012 Sustainability Summary, entitled Rooted in Sustainability (the "Sustainability Summary"). The Sustainability Summary is a precursor to the full 2012-2013 Sustainability Report, which is being prepared within the framework of the Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”), Version G3.1, Level C.

The Sustainability Summary reports on Avalon’s performance against 2012 targets and objectives, including scorecards against the Mining Association of Canada's 'Toward Sustainable Mining' indicators and a number of key GRI indicators. Highlights are also presented under the headings Economic Performance and Contributions, Environmental Performance, Social Performance and University Outreach. Click here for the German translation.



Sustainability Report 2011

In April 2012, Avalon released its inaugural Sustainability Report 2011, entitled Journey to a Sustainable Future (the “2011 Report”).

The 2011 Report has been prepared within the framework of the Global Reporting Initiative, Version G3.1.  The 2011 CSR Report also incorporates a self assessment of 2011 performance and sets targets for 2012 against the Mining Association of Canada’s ‘Toward Sustainable Mining’ indicators.




CSR Roadmap 2010

In January 2011, Avalon embarked upon its Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) reporting with its CSR Roadmap. The Roadmap introduced the Company’s strategy for managing the business in a sustainable manner.

For questions and feedback or to obtain a hard copy of the Sustainability Report by mail, please e-mail the Company at or phone Mark Wiseman, Vice President Sustainability at 416-364-4938.